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We are a family of four who has been hosting individuals from around the world for 14 years. Through the years we have learned so much about different cultures and gained a more comprehensive understanding of how similar we all are–no matter how differently we look, speak or think. Our experience has been priceless, rewarding us and our guests in various ways, which is why we choose to continue providing our home to individuals hoping that they too can experience what we have.   


Our goal is to provide a safe, friendly, clean and exciting environment here in our home where you can become a part of our extended family, and make memories and friendships to last a lifetime. We want our guests to feel as though they are at a home away from their own–with the city by day and a calm, cozy environment by night. We know that being away from home can sometimes be challenging, so we ensure that all guests feel involved! During the summer months, we have cookouts in the garden and we acknowledge birthdays, graduations and other special occasions all year-round!

Homestay Rooms In New York

Furnished Homestay Rooms For Students in New York

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