Gerardo from Switzerland says: "I would give more than 5 stars if it were possible because I felt good and comfortable during the whole stay. Brenda cooked for me sometimes for dinner even if this was not included and with William I could enjoy the evenings talking together or watching a movie.
I thank the whole family Drayton for the hospitality and would definitely visit them again "

Simon from France says: "This family is just amazing !! I spent 2 and a half months in New York, what I will remember the most is the hospitality of this family, you are in your home. Most importantly, you share unforgettable social moments and also cultural with the other student from around the world. Very comfortable, family always available for your needs. Staying here is a real opportunity, chance. "

Jolina from Germany says: "I had a wonderful time. Such a nice family that is very warmly. Bill and Brenda always did everything to make my stay as pleasant as possible. They always took us to the train station or to the supermarket...


I really enjoyed the conversations with Bill, Brenda and the other guests. I just can say thank you for a wonderful time in New York. Best regards !"

Kevin from Switzerland says: "Definitely a wonderful family to spend time with! Bill and Brenda are amazing people that helped me A LOT while I stayed in NY for a month. They ...

Maite from Brazil says: "This was the most amazing experience that I had in my life! This family is so kindness and always does everything to make you feel confortable and in home. The house is great and the neighboohood too. The train station is close to the house, and Bill and Brenda até always willing to take you to the supermarket or anything else that you need. They become my family and I am so gratefull to had lived here!!! "

David from Australia says: "It was so perfect, so perfect I am staying longer "

Barbara from says: "Deep gratitude. This is the best feeling I can describe during the 132 days I've been staying at the Drayton’s home. The house has an excellent physical structure, with a very comfortable bedroom, clean bathrooms, excellent laundry and a separate kitchen for guests to prepare their meals. I had good moments in the barbecues with the cinema session promoted in the garden’s house, stroll to the bowling alley, going to the ice cream shop, to the supermarket, restaurant. I also emphasize the celebrations of Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The house has a large table where I can share countless experiences with people from different countries, such as Italy, Spain, Japan, Vietnam, China, Brazil, France, Germany and the United States of America. They were rich experiences in culture and learning of the English language. This was an unforgettable experience! Bill and Brenda were angels who were always willing to help and do everything they could to make us feel better. The house is in a safe area, close to markets, delis, beauty salons, pharmacy and mall. In addition, access to both the train and the bus is easy and enjoyable. I don’t think there would be a better place to stay in New York City. All the stars in the world deserve it. Thank you so much for this time we spent together. I really miss you"

Pasquale from Italy says: "Loving and hospitable family, place makes you feel at home and Brenda e Bill are really good people. The area is well connected to Manhattan and the neighborhood is...

Evelyne from Portugal says: "***** THE BEST *****  (I ́d like to give more than 5 hearts but it ́s impossible) I quite agree with Nathalie ́s review. I couldn ́t have a better family than the Drayton ́s. It was an incredibly beautiful time in Rosedale. Everyday I woke up and I was so happy to spend time with so warm-hearted people. They were always caring, considerate, interested, funny and I ́m so grateful for many conversations with the Drayton ́s. I felt that I found a second family in another country. During my time. I was lucky enough to travel all days to Manhattan with some of my roommates who went to school. Bill and Brenda were always so generous to please everybody. A very good experience was that the house was multicultural than during my time I ́ve met people from different countries like Columbia, Mexico, Japan, Korea, China, Brazil, Russia. The house was completely good equipped so that always when we had the moon to watch movies we had a big screen had the moon to watch movies we had a big screen like cinema in the living room. Playing billiard at home with the roommates was also something very funny. I ́ll never forget the funny and memorable evenings at dinner time around all roommates and the Draytońs. Not to forget are Brenda ́s dishes than she knows how to cook very healthy and delicious - an admirable mother who had all time a friendly ear. Bill was an activ workman who was for the full house always available if we needed something - worthy to receive an award for his flexibility. Both are unique :-)   At Christmas they gave us hearty presents and made excellent special dishes and all that were like Christmas at home. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to met this unique family. It was an indescribable and beautiful experience and Íll never forget it. From the depth of my heart my gratefulness for your entity which will engraving my life forever. Unfortunately it is impossible but should it be possible I ́d visit you all weeks :-D
I hope to see you soon...

Ying Jiun from Taiwan says: "I would like to give them more than 5 stars if I could.I spent 8 days with William's family. Although I didn't spent a lot of time with them (because there are too many things to see in NYC), they still make me feel very welcoming. The price is very very affordable for almost everyone. Brenda and William will give you every assistance they can offer. I will never forget
the early morning Brenda took me to the station and William also gave me several rides to the subway on his way to work. Sometimes they will have little party on the holiday with barbecue ! (you can bring your friends to have fun too)Thank you very much, I had a really great time there. If i have another chances to visit New York, i will definitely stay with William's family again. Strongly recommended!! "

Michelle from Korea says: "I know you guys probably are worrying about your stay in NY, but I honestly want to say that you will have wonderful times in NYC with Brenda and Bill, don't worry. I've known them ever since 2014, and whenever I have a chance to take a trip, I go to visit them.I can't even count how many times I visited them, I think it was almost 10 times! At first, I stayed with them because I wanted to see NYC, but Brenda and Bill, they/ve become an important part of my life, and now I go to NY to see them.They are sincere people who would help you enjoy the trip or your goals in NY. Haha, it's hard to explain, but when you guys meet them, you would fall in love with them. The NYC, itself, is a very attractive place, and staying with Brenda and Bill, is another double plus. I definitely, would put five stars.I wish you guys good luck in NYC, and I'm so jealous that you guys will stay with Brenda and Bill!!"

Antoniel from Brazil says: "Wonderful is the word to describe my experience on Mr. William's and Miss Brenda's house. They are very helpful, caring, friendly, respectul, warm hearted and a beatiful family that makes you feel like home! Even if you don't speak english well like me! Miss Brenda gave me tips to enjoy my time in Manhattan and how to use the public transportation. The room is perfect! Thank you for everything!"

Jayne from Nigeria says: "I had the most amazing experience staying with Brenda and Bill. They made sure I was comfortable and even offered me dinner during my entire stay even though it wasn't included in my package. Honestly I couldn't have chosen a better family to stay with. My experience for 7 nights was fun and I almost felt like not leaving. I felt at home with them, and we had interesting conversations. They are genuinely kindhearted, loving and helpful and you would not experience any issues staying with them. The house is well equipped, neat, comfortable and even the area where it is located is safe and secure. it is very easy to find your way to Manhattan and everywhere else from the house. Also during my stay I became friends with the other guest in the house and everyone was sweet and cheerful. It's a multicultural house with guest from different countries and it was a house with guest from different countries and it was a wonderful experience to meet and interact with people from different cultures. I really enjoyed staying with them and if I ever return to New York I will most certainly stay with the wonderful Drayton's family. Thank you so much Brenda and Bill for your love and everything, I will not forget my time with you and from the dept of my heart I am so grateful to you for welcoming me into your home and ensuring I had the best time "

Nathalie from France says: "Brenda and william ́s house was ours for 12 nights. Travelling with my 18 years old daughter from Mexico where we live to let her visit Manhattan was a challenge due to the exchange rate... We found the perfect place.. not only beacuse we could afford it but how surprise for the fact that it was so homely and so filled with family real fillings. Each of us got a room with large tv screen and I don't know how many channels, very well warmed place, very good internet connection... but that's not all. Brenda is a nurse and she is such a nice person that she knows exactly how much to comunicate and help or disapear for her hosts to enjoy their time. William is a great artist and he has just as his wife a nice, very nice, way to share conversations and entusiasm, Wether you are a family or a student... or a mother looking for a nice and responsible place to rent a room for your sons and daughters overseas... let me tell you it is exactly the place you are looking for. a few students were the place you are looking for. a few students were living here from Saydi Arabia, Colombia, Switzerland, Japan...and even if it is not part of the deal I witnessed how Brenda was checking if everything was ok for them, if they were not in troubles, if they eat well... and even saw her getting them at the train or metro station when it was late and she wouldn't want them in the streets. Guests have access to a private kitchen, space in the fridge a day at week to the laundry room fully equipted, a large an couzy living room with a huuuuge wall screen... and in the garden an even bigger one. Location is a very quiet suburb of Queens, just 20 minutes from JFK airport. If you are coming from Newark you take a shuttle bus to JFK then 17 dolars taxi and you are here. Two ways to get to Manhattan,, a fast direct train or a bus and subway... NEVER EVER had any kind of troubles in Queens over there not even a shadow of a trouble in public transport or walking in the streets back home even at night! Nice streest by the way, very charming houses, clean organized and quiet neighbours. We miss that place, we miss the heart of that couple and their nice young daughter, we miss the ambient of the students sharing so much with them and their great way to experience NY! YOU REALLY will love the place...We love you Brenda and Will.. WE'LL BE BACK!! "

Laura from Columbia says: "I'll tell you something: When you start a new goal, many people close to you will be able to tell you how difficult and even impossible it will be to achieve it. Life surprises you when on this path you meet light, people with a soul and a love, of whom you do not know their origin, but who are infinitely grateful for marking your life. I don't know if it was by chance, God, or just good luck. I came to this house looking for a temporary place to be in that big city. But something unexpected happened, which does not happen to all of us and not at all times. I found a family, I found light, strength, teachings, friendship and much gratitude with life, with every hug, smile and word of support from this wonderful family, that house became a home. 


I stayed at the Drayton's house for 7 months and travelled back to my country in April 2016. I couldn't qualify this place with stars, because for me it wasn't a hotel, that house, the family and friends from all over the world, with whom I shared there are part of my life. I wish with all my heart that I could soon return to New York, not to the big city, I wish to return to visit my home there. If you want to venture into one of the most important cities in the world for a while, don't just look for bricks and cement. Sharing with great people will change the lens with which you keep that memory. I’m Laura Andrea Taborda from Colombia."

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